Earth Hub

About Earth Hub
Earth Hub has two main goals.  The first is the meeting ground and action space for returning Earth to her natural state as it was before we moved from early agriculture to war and the use of forest environments for wood to burn. 
     The Second is to Heal Humanity through Human Investments which express our love and concern for each other. 

    Our shows cover efforts across the world  as efforts to achieve solutions to the problems created by destruction of the rainforests, displacement of indigenous species, pollution, and the multitude of other issues continue to escalate. 
      We are starting with the most recent pro problems of petrochemical pollution in the rainforests of the world, moving on to other problems which  Original Peoples will explain to us as part of their stories.   
​​​The Earth needs us to care for her so she can support the multiplicity of all life, including us.  
​​We need to care about each other, as individuals and as tribes, communities, races, genders, and as nations.  e